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Mask Dialog

SupervisionCam supports a separate color and gray filter for each range of the image. You can keep in mind the following to understand the function of the filter: The less you see the image on a position the less the image changes of this point are important. With other words: The program finds all changes with a white mask image or no changes with a black mask image.

Example: You have a tree with green leafs that moves in the wind. You don't want to record images due to this movements. Then you can use the mask feature in the following way: Select a light gray color and mask out the tree surrounding to reduce light amplitude changes. Then use the darkest green marker to force the program to ignore all green elements of the picture. You see the painted area in magenta because of the fact that this area does not contain the green color. Use the lightest green marker to get the green color in this area back. 

You can also use the "Calculate mask" select box to get a good mask for your conditions. As long as this box is selected a mask will be created for the detected changes.