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Use an Image as source

SupervisionCam supports an image file as source for the surveillance. Whether this is a local image file or a file anywhere on the internet makes no difference. This opens a variety of new functions. For instance collecting images from your preferred WebCam.

To configure an image file as source see Settings: Motion Detection.

Generally the program operates with an image file as a source in the same way as with a camera image. Therefore the same functions are available. However it requires some special settings, especially if the source image is on the Internet. First of all you should be connected to the Internet all the time. The value for "compare images every x s" should be larger or equal than the update time of this (WebCam) image to avoid unnecessary downloads. The same is valid if you save the images time selected. If SupervisionCam downloads the same image two times it ignores automatically the second one. So you will not save lots of identically images.