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HTML Page / Server Upload / Dial In

HTML page generator:

Source file: Select a file that should be used as the source for the HTML page. The standard installation contains a sample HTML source, but you can modify it if you are familiar with HTML programming. You can use a number of Placeholders to specify the event.

Destination Name: Specify a name of the destination HTML file. Please don't add any path information. SupervisionCam will use the same path as the destination folder for the images.

Server Upload:

Start upload when an image was saved: Enable this box if you want to copy the HTML page and the images to a server. The server can be a simple network destination computer or an ftp server. Please note: SupervisionCam does not support some kinds of proxy servers. Generally the default internet settings of the MS Internet Explorer are used.

Do not start more than one upload in x min: Use the select box to reduce the network traffic or online time.

Required Dial In connection: Enable this box if SupervisionCam should open a Dial In connection to a remote network before it starts the upload procedure. If the box is grayed your computer is not yet configured for a dial in connection or you have not installed MS Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. Please be careful: If something is wrong with the file transfer the program stays connected. Use this function only if you are sure that your server works correctly.

Server Name: Enter the name of the destination server. It can be either something like \\Servername for a standard network server or if a ftp connection is required. For an FTP connection a login name and a password is required.

Login Name: Enter your user name. This box is only required for an FTP upload .

Password: Enter your password. This box is only required for an FTP upload .

Test: Use the test button to check your configuration.

Dial In: (Only available if the file upload and required Dial In is enabled)

Connection: Select one of the Dial In connections you have configured on your computer.

User: Enter the user that is enabled for this connection.

Password: Enter the password that is enabled for this connection.

Domain: Optional. Enter the name of the domain you want to connect to.

Test Dial In: Use this button to check you configuration.