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SupervisionCam can optional record AVI files when a motion is detected. The record function starts a new file with the first detected motion and records as long as no new motion is detected within a defined time span. Please note that video recording requires a fast computer, especially if you select a height quality compression algorithm, large image size and refresh rates.

Capture AVI when a motion is detected: Enables the AVI recording.

Capture at least: Defines record time after the last motion detection. 

Video Compression Format: Shows the current selected compression format for the  video stream. Typically each Windows system supports an uncompressed and several compressed formats. The "Change" button opens a new dialog box with all available compressions. Depending on the selected an additional configuration button opens again a dialog with individual settings for this compression algorithm.
Please note: Not all compression formats support each image size and format. SupervisionCam does not check whether or not the selected algorithm can be used. Therefore it is required to test each new format.
The quality and size of an recorded AVI depend on the selected compressor and compressor settings. An uncompressed format generates a good quality but also large files. 
A good quality and acceptable file size require a good compressor that may be installed by another video streaming program. It is also possible to install additional video compressors like DivX. Please note that a compressed AVI can only be played on a computer with a de-compressor of the same format.  

Add Sound: Check this box to add a audio stream to your AVI. The source of the audio stream is defined by the "Capture Device" selection and the Windows Sound mixer settings. Typically you can open the mixer under "Control Panel", "Sounds and Multimedia", "Audio", "Sound Recording", "Volume". Here you can select the preferred audio channel, for instance the microphone. Additionally you should adapt the audio volume. SupervisionCam always displays the current level of the audio signal. You should select a volume that never reaches the maximum of the level indicator but close to it.

Capture Device: Select the audio capture device.

Audio Format: Select the audio format. Typically you should select a mono, medium Hz format for a microphone source. Audio compression is not yet supported.

Test: Press this button to start capturing with the current settings. A second click on this button stops this recording and starts the replay of the captured sequence.