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Advanced Save Image Settings:


Insert Title: Activate this box to add a title to each image.

Title: Enter the string you want to add to the images. You can use a number of Placeholders to specify the event.

Change Font: This opens a dialog box that allows to select a font and the font color.

Background Color: This option only appears if you selected a text position outside of the image. It opens a dialog box to select the background color.

Position: Select the position of the title. Warning, if you insert the text inside of the image you may overwrite important information.


Add Logo: Select this box, If you want to add your own logo (bitmap) to each image. This function may be important for a WebCam. The position of the logo can be defined by clicking the left mouse button in the preview image below the test.

Logo Image Name: Select a *.bmp file that should be included.

Use Transparent Color: You can insert images with a free shape by defining a transparent color. It is important that the transparent color fits your image. We recommend a standard color like black, white, green or the like.

JPG quality: Change this slider to fit your requirements concerning the quality.

Preview: Select the size of your preview.