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May 31, 2011 (1100k)

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SupervisionCam is a shareware application that turns your PC into a video surveillance system.

What does the program do?

SupervisionCam captures and compares images from video cameras,  (internet) image files or the computer screen at intervals you define. It starts optional activities when a movement is detected.

These activities can be:

Save the images as BMP, JPG or PNG to your hard disk
Play a sound
Send a message to any computer in the network
Send a mail (MAPI or SMTP) with the images that causes the alarm as an attachment 
Start a program
Minimize the active Window (for our game players)
Create a protocol as a HTML or XML document
Upload this protocol including the images to a server with optional dial in support

SupervisionCam can also capture images in a defined time interval. This allows to use it as a Web Cam program or simple capture the frames of a slow motion activity like an opening blossom.
If the source is an image file of an Internet Webcam the program can collect these images.

Additional features:

Supports a large range of cameras and capture boards: USB video cams, analog cameras connected to Windows capture devices (like TV-board), multi-channel capture devices with WDM drivers, DV camcorders with Fire wire (IEEE 1394) interface, network surveillance cameras with integrated web server and more
Support for more than one camera simultaneously
Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese
Remote control of the program and view images over a simple web browser
Option to add a description and/or logo to each image
Rotate or mirror the source image
Fast viewer to review or print the captured pictures
Support a mask to define the active area for motion detection
Advanced print function
Save all settings in documents (allows quick recover of the settings for different usage e.g. supervision, Web Cam, ...)
A comprehensive surveillance scheduler
Convert images in a background thread to enhance performance
Static or dynamic motion detection threshold configuration
Optional network (LAN) copy or FTP upload of images and HTML or XML protocol
Customizable HTML pages with placeholders for captured events
Limit the number of images saved on the hard disk or saved on the server
Check the available size on our hard disk and stop saving if the available space exceeds a critical value 
Taskbar control
SupervisionCam can check for updates on the internet automatically


Minimum Pentium 100 MHz PC with Windows 95/98/SE, NT 4.0,  Windows 2000,  Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
MS Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher
To use all features (Dial In) the Internet Explorer 5.0 is required
For video surveillance: Video for Windows or WDM driver compliant capture device / camera
DirectX 8.0 or higher for WDM driver support

Why shareware?

SupervisionCam was free for a long time period. During the last month I spent a lot of hours to add new functions. The registration fee also helps me to argument the hours I need to improve the program to my wife and my children.

Please test the program as long as you like but please register it if you find it useful. The registration fee is 40. In this case you won't have any longer the

Shareware restrictions:

If you start the program it stops with the About box
Each saved image contains a "SupervisionCam" string. 

Where can I register SupervisionCam?

Please use the Registration server ShareIt
You will find the necessary information in the About box too. So please test the program first. 

Many thanks for the nice e-mails I have got. Please continue to send bugs and suggestions to SuperCam(at) you can also use the SupervisionCam guest book.

If you have caught a funny or interesting situation with SupervisionCam please send me an e-mail and give me the permission to publish the story on this page if you want.

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